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Saturday, July 30, 2011

Boehner Boldly Stands His Ground


Boehner: ‘Put Something on the Table!’
Jul 29, 2011- 0:35 – Speaker of the House challenges Democrats ahead of vote on debt limit bill.

Boehner said to the House, “Since we took over in January” I’ve tried to prevent this day from coming. “I’ve gone the extra mile, and I put revenues on the table, in order to try to come to an agreement to overt us from being where we are, but a lot of people in this town can never say “yes”. This House has acted and it is time for this administration and time for our colleges across the isle to put something on the table! Tell us where you are!”

Boehner saying that “I’m the only one presenting a Plan, and If you have a better one, put it on the table”, says a lot about where the problem really is!

Of course, other Republicans have put out plans so what I think he means is that no one but Harry Reid of the Democrat Party has put up a plan. All they do is critize and say “NO” without ever putting up a plan of their own. They just want to complain and critize in order to make it look like the Republicans are the problem.

He says lots of people in Washington can never say yes, only criticize without ever offering a plan of their own. It’s time we tell them to step up and put something on the table that can help bring this stalemate to a halt!

About a week after Republicans took over the House of Representatives, the Treasury Secretary sent a note asking for an increase in the debt ceiling. Boehner said no, unless there is something submitted to show cuts that equal the increase, and this is still the position of the House Majority leader.

The plan they vote on today includes a balanced budget with a cap, which means both parties must present a budget that is balanced. If the President needs more money, he will have to submit cuts that equal what he requests. To this statement, Boehner received a hearty applause from the House.

Boehner believes the plan he proposes is in keeping with the promise the Republican Party made to the People when elected. This is the same plan that once had the agreement of both Parties and, if passed, will prevent the government from going in default and causing a shut down. However, the Senate Majority Leader, Harry Reid, has since tabled the bill.

The powerful speech by Boehner ended with a loud applause. Sean Hannity said, “WOW” on his radio program when he heard Boehner's powerful statement, and so did I. It was said with so much power that, if anyone ever doubted the leadership of this Speaker, can it be doubted now?

The White House is getting tons of emails, phone calls, and twits from the people expressing their concerns about these debates.

Obama: The Time for Compromise Is Now Jul 29, 2011- 5:47 -President pushes bipartisan solution in debt standoff.

Of course, this suggestion came from the President, trying to bully Congress into voting his way. I say “bully” because this admonition to contact Congress included Republican phone numbers, fax numbers, and twitter addresses.

Even Sean Hannity, Mark Levin, and Laura Ingram are being harrassed because their numbers were given out as well. This is just plain dirty politics.

Of course, most of us expect our Representatives to do their jobs and to do the right thing without first satisfying selfish agendas, but giving addresses and phone numbers of others who are not in Congress (and who are not their own Representatives) is wrong.

It’s like stacking the deck against a player in a card game so that the odds of winning increase. Isn’t this the typical tactics of the Democrat Party in every situation that requires a vote?

Since the “Boehner Plan” is rejected again by the President and the Democrat Party, I’m concerned that there will be “Hell to Pay” when Constituents hear about it.

Democrats and the President can say all they want to about it being Republicans to blame for the crisis, and that people need to be adults about and get the job done, but the truth is that the problem rests with Democrats for not accepting any Plan that does NOT give the President what he wants. This is NOT how Congress is supposed to function. It is designed to be independent of the President for “checks and balances” and this is NOT what the American People want Congress to do.

If the President goes above Congress and uses the 14th Amendment to get what he wants, you can be sure that there will be an uproar in Washington! Contrary to his legal advice, Obama does NOT have a Constitutional right to use the 14th Amendment in this situation and using it this way cannot be defended legally. He thinks he does have the right but he also admits that it’s not clearly defined.

It won’t be long before we know the fate of America and the Constitution from here on out! Perhaps we should be prepared for the worst if things don’t go well.

Reaction from GOP Candidates to Debt Deals Jul 29, 2011- 2:09 – What does crisis mean for 2012 race?

Trump: Tea Party Making Washington Think Jul 29, 2011 - 4:18 – The Donald weighs in on debt debate

Sen. Paul: Not Balancing the Budget Is a Mistake, Jul 29, 2011- 4:24 -Kentucky senator not sold on new House debt plan.

POWER PLAY: Still Hope for a Big Deal? Jul 29, 2011- 7:29 – If a debt deal is reached, Congress still needs to tackle the big problems like entitlements.

POWER PLAY: Hill Works to Keep Markets Calm Despite Impasse Jul 29, 2011- 10:43 – Charles Payne tells Power Play that a debt deal isn’t necessarily positive thing for the markets.

POWER PLAY: Congressman Says Political Crisis Will Cause Financial Crisis Jul 29, 2011- 8:27 – GOP Budget Cmte member tells Power Play Boehner bill isn’t perfect, but nation needs it.Watch the latest video at

You decide for yourself who is causing the problem in Washington and then get those phone calls, emails, and tweeting going to tell the President and Congress how you feel about the tactics they are using to play politics now, when it is so important to do the right thing.

Also, tell the President and Democrats that the elections are not the focus right now and to quit the games. Tell them to get serious and get the job done. Tell the TEA Party people how you feel, that they are right and to stick to their guns or to back off some and work with Boehner.

This is the time for people to step up to the plate and let Washington know how you see the situation. Please, though, don't you believe that the Republicans are trying to take away Medicare and Social Security from the old people and handicap. It's an outright lie and another tool used for gaining support by the Democrat Party. Tell them to stop the lies! Tell the Truth Mr. President!

Friday, July 29, 2011

Clueless or Saboteur?

First, let us address the huge debt that America cannot sustain and the debate in the House and Senate about balancing the budget or not.

Obama is NOT a friend of the American People! How many times do I have to say it before you believe me?

What more proof do you need than paying attention to the outright lies Obama is telling the American people? He is playing politics right now, all he can think about is re-election and that's all he cares about.

A perfect example of Obama politics is his Sunday speech. Did you hear it? He put all the blame on Republicans, saying the debt ceiling crisis is Republicans fault for not budging on raising taxes and giving the President a blank check to spend. Doesn't it sound like the real problem is with Democrats who refuse to cut spending? Weren't they the same who ran government for a year without a budget? Hum, doesn't seem they care much about budgets.

I thought it takes two sides to make a deal. Democrats won't budge on cutting programs and taxes --- blaming the rich --- and the Republicans are saying that the American People gave them a mandate last November to stop spending and balance the budget. Washington doesn't want to change and that's the problem, because this is exactly what the People Demanded on 11/02/2010!

Sunday, House Majority Leader Eric Cantor said that the Democrats and Republicans had an agreement but the President put a kibosh on it (See interview Obama said he would not accept any deal that does not resemble Reid's Plan. This plan gives Obama what he wants, and if he doesn't get what he wants, he plans to do it himself through Amendment #14. Obama also warned Eric Cantor that he should not attempt to call his bluff.

With this attitude, does the President really care about what the American People want? I think not!
  • And how does this attitude create an atmosphere for compromise and accountability?
  • How does this attitude take care of our debt crisis, other than make it worse?
  • What part of STOP SPENDING does the President not understand?
  • How does lying to the People, saying it's Republicans who are unwilling to compromise and make an agreement, when Democrats and the President insist on only one form of compromise and reject everything else?
  • If the American People demonstrated last November 2nd that they want Congress to STOP SPENDING, why is it that their wishes are being totally ignored now? You know the answer, don't you?
How can Democrats and the President keep denying that the spending situation needs to stop, unless it is all intentional?!

Will the government really shut down on August 2nd or is it an artificial deadline as Boehner said earlier? See this interview video:, also see (especially listen to what he says at marker 7:40; you'll hear how the President insisted that he get more revenue after Boehner thought he had a deal.
  • Government has the money they need to pay bills on time, they just don't have enough money to spend on the programs they want. "Oh well, we all have places where we want to spend too but we can't because there is only enough money to pay the bills. That is what life is about, making choices, so live with it!!  That's all I have to say on the subject." ... Judith Sherman
  • The real problem is that Democrats and the President don't want accountability in their spending because they believe they are wiser than we little peons, and think they know what's best for us. The President says he will use the 14th Amendment to pass Reid's bill anyway: raising the debt ceiling AND giving him a blank check. That's not what the people want.  They want Washington to use some common sense and restraint! They want brakes applied to the "Runaway Train" that is heading for a major crash!
  • Democrats and the President want to blame everybody but themselves instead of doing what's right. But the people know what's going on, it's very clear to them!

Can't blame Bush and the Iraq War for our 
size of debt!
Unfortunately, people who want more benefits don't want Congress to cut spending. "They want what they want" and they don't care how it affects the economy or the strength of America. All they know is that they depend on those benefits to survive.

Time and again, Democrats shoot down spending cuts on programs that are already in trouble. Either that or they want to increase spending when they know WE HAVE NO MONEY to pay for it, so they "kick the can down the road" another time and wait for someone else to fix it.

However, many Americans refuse to believe that this great nation is in trouble and OUT of money. They are being lied to by the very people they think they can trust. Neither will they accept that something has to be done now about the debt situation, Medicare, and Social Security. These systems are in trouble because of abuse and needs to be cleaned up before anything else is done.

It is irresponsible to ignore these liabilities any longer, and that needs to be dealt with NOW without blaming Republicans or Democrats or past Presidents. These programs have been exposed to misuse and just waiting for a crash since the day they were initiated.
  • For example, when people are given benefits without expecting something in return from them, which offers self-reliance and self-worth, it becomes a recipe for failure.
  • People need to feel like they have value (value = self-worth). They need to see how they contribute value to society and positively affect others. Without seeing their value, they become jaded and feel negatively about their lives.
  • Making people dependent on a benefactor is never a healthy situation; it's a mental health disorder called co-dependency. Any government who makes it's citizens co-dependent is not helping them. Giving a hand-up is good, and short-term incentives to help them prosper is very healthy.
   Second, Obama is right there with the Bilderberg Group, helping them reach their goals. The Bilderberg Group is an enemy to America because they want control of our future. Although not mentioned in the membership list below, I have a picture of Hillary and Bill Clinton,  Both President Bushs and wives, and the Carters at theBilderberg meeting. I have also seen a video with Obama at the meetings.

Take a look at some of the characters involved in the partial list below and notice that they are an integral parts of our society and our government.

If it wasn't for the fact that the Bilderberg Group is trying to control the resources of the world and world governments, these meetings might not be so bad. However, America is an independent entity in the World and her form of government is not like the various forms of government associated with other nations (Socialism/ Communism/ Marxism and so forth).

Early American settlers and our Founding Fathers left England and came here for a reason, turning their backs on other forms of government. They started up a new nation with a new system that was nothing like what they left behind. We will lose that uniqueness the minute we become part of the New World or New Global Order.

  (Note the occupations of members and you can see how much they affect the policies of this nation today: Keith B. Alexander, Military Director, National Security Agency; Evan Bayh, US Senator from Indiana; Ben Bernanke, Federal Reserve Chairman; Charles G. Boyd, Retired US Air Force General; Kenneth Clarke, Wrote a book that made Pres. Bush look bad; Bill Clinton, Head of State and 42  President; Jon Corzine, Governor of New Jersey; Chester A. Crocker, Asst. Secy. State, African Affairs; Tom Daschle, was Senator of South Dakota but is now one of Obama's czars; John Deutch, CIA Director; Chris Dodd, US Senator from Connecticut; Thomas E. Donilon, US National Security Advisor;  Martha J. Farah, Psychologist from Center for Cognitive Neuroscience, UPenn; Dianne Feinstein, US Senator from California; Thomas Friedman, New York Times; Timothy F. Geithner, US Secretary of the Treasury; Paul GigotWall Street Journal columnist; Donald E. Graham, CEO of Washington Post; Katharine GrahamWashington Post publisher; Richard Haass, President, Council on Foreign Relations; Chuck Hagel. US Senator from Nebraska, 1997-2009; Richard C. Holbrooke, US Envoy to Afghanistan and Pakistan; Merit E. Janow, Professor of Int'l Affairs, Columbia University; Peter Jennings, Former anchor, ABC World News Tonight; James A. Johnson, Former CEO of Fannie Mae; J. Bennett Johnston, Former US Senator from Louisiana; Vernon Jordan, Advisor to Bill Clinton; Henry Kissinger, Former US Secretary of State; Bill Kristol, Editor of The Weekly Standard; William J. Luti, Military NSC Defense Policy Adviser; Charles Mathias, Former US Senator from Maryland; William J. McDonough, Former President of New York Fed; George J. Mitchell, Former US Senator from Maine; Bill MoyersNOW with Bill Moyers; Craig Mundie, CTO of Microsoft; George Pataki, Governor of New York, 1995-2006; Henry M. Paulson, US Secretary of the Treasury, 2006-09; Bill Richardson, Governor of New Mexico, 2003-11; Don Riegle, Former US Senator from Michigan, 1976-95; David Rockefeller, Founder of the Trilateral Commission; Charlie RoseCharlie Rose Show; Dennis B. Ross Lynn Forester de Rothschild, US Middle East Envoy, 1992-2000; Telecom executive; Barnett R. RubinThe Fragmentation of Afghanistan; Mark Sanford, Governor of South Carolina, 2003-11; Jaap de Hoop Scheffer, NATO Secretary General, 2004-09; Eric Schmidt, CEO of Google, 2001-11; Kathleen Sebelius, US Secretary of HHS; Robert B. Shapiro, CEO of Monsanto, Explains why we have only hybrid and genetically engineered seeds; George Shultz, US Secretary of State, 1982-89; George Soros, Financial speculator who says he plans to break America's economy; Lesley Stahl60 Minutes; James B. Steinberg, Deputy Secretary of State; Lawrence H. Summers, US Treasury Secretary, 1999-2001; Vin Weber, Congressman from Minnesota, 1981-93; John C. Whitehead, US Deputy Secretary of State, 1985-89; James Wolfensohn, World Bank president, 1995-2005 Controlling the World Bank means you control the money of the world; Paul Wolfowitz, President of the World Bank, 2005-07; Robert Zoellick, World Bank president.
  • The Bilderberg Group's main purpose is to rule the world through a New World Order. This gives them power by controlling resources, governments, and the money.
  • Geithner, Bernanke, Obama, and other majority key government and world officials are all part of the Bilderberg Group.
  • The Master Plan of the Bilderberg Group is to bring down America and bring her to the same level as other nations.
  • To do that, America needs to suffer a collapse in the economy and the dollar has to be replaced with a new world currency.
  • The days of American dominance around the globe, America's exceptionalism, and America's independence, must end if she is to be brought into a global society and a New World Order. (See
  • The American Constitution will no longer be the rule when under International Law. The United Nations will be the rule of law.
Is this information enough for you to draw the same conclusion as I have; that President Obama is NOT a friend to America. He is cooperating with the enemy to bring down our government. Rhino Republicans and Liberal Democrats also want America to move toward a more Progressive/Socialist form of government.

The Democrat Party is no longer the same that we used to know twenty and thirty years ago. It has been taken over by the Liberal/Progressive movement, as I've been describing.

Great Attitude Senator Reid. 
  • The Democrat Party is NO LONGER the Party of the People, it is for the elite.
  • The Democrat Party is the enemy because their goals include making Americans dependent on government subsidies.
  • The Democrat Party is making people dependent on a system that no longer welcomes Free Enterprise (the very system that brings immigrants into this country because they want to change their lives).
  • The Democrat Party does not help people become self-reliant, because there is nothing expected from them in return and there's nothing that gives a person pride and self-worth.
  • The Democrat Party supports the Progressive/Liberal movement that places America under International Law of the United Nations.
  • Subjecting America to International Law and foreign military service is against the Constitution.  Our soldiers cannot wear any uniform that is not American or be put under any orders that do not come from US Generals and the President.
  • The Constitution considers it treasonable for government officials or the President to have secret meetings or dealings with outside groups. We know that Presidents from Carter to Obama have all done this treasonable act but none have been as egregious as that which Obama has done to us in the past two years in office.

I have no doubt that our own President is a Saboteur and has conspired with the Bilderberg Group to bring America to it's knees so we will accept a New World Order.

A New World Order would mean there are NO boundaries between nations, no independent governments, and no independent military. All resources belonging to each nation will be controlled by the New World Order and then doled out to the people as they see fit. They've already set up World Food Resources and Land to facilitate feeding the hungry when they collapse governments.

Obama is already showing that he is willing to do exactly what the United Nations wants when he said he CAN wage war in Libya without Congressional approval. Some people in Congress have challenged Obama about his illegal war in Libya and he said he doesn't need Congressional approval.

Obama is also showing that he can ignore border security and sue states who want to protect their borders.

Are you aware that Obama has already given up America's private information to the United Nations when he gave them a copy of Arizona's immigration law SB1070, resulting in over a dozen lawsuits against Arizona from Latino countries.

In addition, Obama told the UN that America is guilty of Human Rights violations because of prejudicial treatment of gays, Latinos, and blacks and because people are raped in prisons. Now the UN has charged America with Human Rights Violations and put a panel in charge of sanctioning the US.

As you know, Obama has given the UN authority to call the shots in the Libyan war. We know of others situations as well where he has given over powers to the United Nations that previous Presidents would never try to do.

    Just read what others are saying and you will see as clearly as I do that our President is an enemy to the American People!!


* Even Janet Napolitano claimed several months ago that returning soldiers from Iraq and Afghanistan are possible dissidents because they may be a future threat of terrorism to America. Can we say, "A Paranoid President"? Or perhaps he is concerned that they will rise up as patriots to protect the American Way of Life when he tries to take over control.

Pass this post along to others and ask them to pass it to their friends as well.

Leave a comment and tell us how you feel about the points in the article.

Are You Really Pro Choice or What?

I think this video will help you see the problem we have in Washington and what we must do to preserve our freedoms in America.

News From The 912 Project

Help us Restore America!

Everyone thinks I'm crazy when I say that all unemployment and economic woes are part of the Master Plan. The plan is to bring about the downfall of America and usher in New World Order.

The Plan is Designed to Break American Independence and World Dominance!

As Americans, we cannot continue to prosper if we accept a global form of government that the Elite designed. With our normal American Way of Life we would never intentionally nor otherwise welcome such a form of government.

American exceptionalism throughout the world is produced by free enterprise. That means capitalism has to be crushed if we are to become part of a global society.

Why the attack on America exceptional if it was not for the Master Plan?
  • Videos (One video is a cartoon called "Stuff") that tell children America is raping the world resources, that Americans are greedy, and that they go to war to make the rich richer.
  • Liberal Democrat's class war and racism claims are designed to cause divisiveness among Americans and create chaos. Separating the people from each other and making them think it's because of the system that these bad things happen, then they will be more likely to accept another form of government than we have now.
  • Children's history books have been altered and much is missing about their history. They don't feel pride and patriotism for their country like generations before have had. They don't understand why Americans feel the way they do about their country and flag, and about the warriors who fight for freedom.
America has always been the one in front taking care of people who have suffered from natural disasters or tyranny. But American cannot be in front lines if it is to be a global run world. Do you see the how this Master Plan is being fulfilled by the Democrats and the Obama administration? If we want to keep America the example it has been for decades and the type of Democracy that we believe in, then we must get Dems and Obama out of Office and insist that government starts functioning as it should.

The Constitution is presently hanging by a thread. We cannot allow the Democrat Party or Obama's administration to complete the Master Plan. We must fight to protect what we have, what so many of us have died for and protected through the years.It is our inherited responsibility to not let them take it away.

We must not give up or think we can't lose it as long as God is with us because we can and we will if we don't step up to defend what He has given to us. If we won't defend it why should He?
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