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Thursday, April 29, 2010

The 51st state? It's A Trick!

The 51st state?
H.R. 2499 hits the floor tomorrow - and the press hasn't made a peep. Perhaps everyone is cool with adding another star to the flag? This bill supposedly gives Puerto Rico freedom or something -- which is weird because they already have that. What does the bill actually do? Opens the door for America to go from 50 to 51 states - Glenn explained how on his radio and television programs today.

Why haven't we heard about this on the news? Just ten or even fifteen years ago, this vote would be all over the news. It just proves that we no longer have free press, our press is controlled from Washington. Isn't that what they call propaganda? I thought so!

I wish you could have seen Glenn Beck today, or did you?  If it were not for Fox News we wouldn't know most of what is going on today. At least half the news is never reported by the main stream media. I WANT TO KNOW WHY WE HAVE NOT HEARD anything about the situation in Puerto Rico!

Let's see, if the Democrats can get on board more than 12 million illegal aliens in America right now, someday those 12 million are potential Democrat votes and then add the 4 million potential Democrat votes they expect to get from Puerto Rico, it adds up to having long standing control over Washington. This means their progressive liberal plans for Socialism, redistribution of wealth, and One World Order will all come to pass.

I know you think this all sounds just like the far "right-wing-radicals" talking because that is what Democrats want you to think. They don't want you to know what they are doing, and there is a reason for it. It doesn't take a rocket-scientist to figure out that they don't want us to know what they plan and what they do because they have something to hide.

I am getting very tired of the far-left agenda, just as they are getting very tired of us getting in their way and trying to stop them. One thing is for sure, I see what they are up to now and I plan on spreading the word and telling every one about this who will listen. I will tell them that WASHINGTON does NOT have our best interest at heart. This is obvious or they would not be doing things behind our backs.

What is bad about this vote in Congress tomorrow about Puerto Rico is that the whole thing is a trick. Puerto Ricans know it is a trick and so they've been advertisements to vote "NO". Why does this plan involve tricking Congress to think it's one thing when it is really for another? It's all about greed and power.

The Puerto Rican vote on H.R. 2499 is expected to pass. This will be the first step to obtaining 4 million more Democrat votes for the future. Do you understand why Washington is doing all they can to cater to illegals and give them benefits most of us don't even qualify for?

The Constitution demands protecting our borders so why don't they? Why are they taking the objections to legalizing illegals and turn it into racism? Why is it that RACE IS ALWAYS COMING OUT OF THE MOUTHS OF THE LEFT?

Please pass along this report to every one who will listen. We have to wake up America to the plans of the far left. We are already forgetting the tricks they pulled on us to pass the Health Care Bill. They knew we would. We cannot let them keep this up! I am looking forward to hearing your thoughts on this subject.
4 Step Process
*Well over 12 Million Illegal Aliens with Potential Voters = 12 Million votes
* Grant Statehood for the District of Columbia  = 1 New Member to the House
*4 Million Convicted Felons they want to help because they believe these people will vote Democrat
* 4 Million Voters from Puerto Rico to potentially vote Democrat
Puerto  Rico will have 2 Senators and 6 House Members

You see how they plan to change the makeup of the House and the Senate? What they are doing is just opening the door for more down the road. Will they be satisfied with just 1 Senator from DC? Even though the founding fathers said no adding the District of Columbia as a STATE, they said "NO, You Can't Do That" but they will do it anyway.

You know what they are going to say about those who object to these plans don't you?  They are going to say this is about racism and freedom.  Isn't that what they've been saying about women's rights to have abortions, gay rights to marry, increased rights and privileges for blacks, trying to treat illegals as legal Americans, and what they say about those who object to Obama's agenda? But we are wising up now. We see that it IS NOT about race but that it is all a numbers game to control Washington for decades.

We have to call our Congressman and tell them to vote no on H.R. 2499 tomorrow.

David Horowitz's NewsReal Blog (blog)

Puerto Rico Statehood Students Association : : HR 2499 The official website of the Puerto Rico Statehood Students Association, PRSSA.

H.R.2499: Puerto Rico Democracy Act of 2009 - U.S. Congress ...Official government data, breaking news and blog coverage, public comments and user community for HR2499 Puerto Rico Democracy Act of 2009.

Oppose Statehood for Puerto Rico (HR 2499) | Before It's News HR 2499 would actually force a yes-or-no vote by Puerto Ricans on whether Puerto Rico should maintain the “current political status” of the island. ...

Monday, April 26, 2010

Allen West Speaks About Islam Influence

Is the contents of this video common sense or is it racist?

How do you feel about Islam and the way politicians and the media portray it?

Should we be concerned about the growing number of people converting to Islam?

Is Islam the same thing as Muslim?

Are we doing enough to protect America?

All of these questions are answered by Allen West in this video. 

I hope you will leave me a comment on how you feel about this video.

Friday, April 23, 2010

Join My Forum

At the risk of some of you not reading this article because you think it is about politics instead of business, I urge you to still read on because it really does relate to how you do business. Consider how you would fulfill your dreams and the measure of your creation if government tied your hands and restrict your ability to live the way you prefer and pass laws that control your thinking.

There is a grassroots movement in America today that's known as the TEA Party. This movement is about more than protesting high taxation (TEA=Taxed Enough Already) but has become a group effort to affect decisions in government.

The TEA Party's efforts center around the need to protect what our forefathers died for and have sacrificed so much to give us. Please, I would really appreciate you joining my forum discussion at Stand Up Patriots to discuss the TEA Party Movement and how you feel about the way politicians and the media portray their efforts.

Why I Ask This Of You

First, understand that I'm not saying you cannot succeed and have your dreams fulfilled under a government other than we have now. I am saying that our dreams, goals, and plans we set in motions are based on the way of life that we currently enjoy. For these reasons, I need to talk with you for a moment about the TEA Party movement.

This grassroots movement is gaining momentum the past year and so they are drawing a lot of attention from the media and politicians. As a result, the group is now being demonized for having the audacity to stand up as patriots. Members speak out with courage against progressive liberals who are aggressively attempting to change the foundation of America.

This Is Not About Advancing Political Points of View

We are no longer talking about politics as usual, about the differences between party lines, or whose philosophy is right or wrong. We are talking about supporting a group effort to protect the American Constitution, protecting "checks and balances", and keeping the three divisions of government separate, honest and healthy so we can live our dreams in a free commerce.

In addition, we are talking about protecting America from being subject to world laws, world religion, and one world currency. The grassroots movement that the TEA Party stands for is really a moral issue. It's about our power to think the way we want and the right to speak out against government intervention in our businesses and in our lives.

The TEA Party movement frustrates Progressive liberal's efforts to see their vision for American fulfilled. They have been trying to make this vision become reality for over forty years. As a result, their counter-move is to discredit TEA Party efforts by portraying them as racists, hateful, seditious, and violent. Of course, any one who attends TEA Party events will know these claims are FALSE.

I'm not racist, not violent, just not silent any more.  Are you?

Glenn Beck suggested that we put these words on the Internet and everywhere we can to let people know that what they've been hearing about TEA Party members is wrong. It is an OUTRIGHT LIE being used (by guess who) to manipulate support for the group.

The progressive left want to discredit this movement and our objection to what they want to do to America.
  • *We DO NOT want Socialism in America. Our forefathers left that form of government behind them and established a Democratic Republic form of government--which gives sovereignty to states and representation of the people in government.
  • *We DO NOT want an over-extended government that gets into our personal lives and business dealings. We believe in capitalism and free commerce.
  • *We DO NOT want government making us dependent on them verses self-reliance. We believe in allowing communities and churches to care for those in need and limited government programs.
  • *We DO NOT want government telling us how to think, deeming what speech is acceptable, and limiting our business dealings with ridiculous rules and regulations.
  • *We DO NOT want government telling us how to run our families either and our personal finances.
  • *We DO NOT want government telling us that we cannot voice our religious views in public because we might offend someone who believes differently.
Since the TEA Party is gaining so much momentum, those who oppose the movement feel a need to attack our work. It appears that they really think Americans are stupid enough to accept their vision for America and will not wake up to the truth until it is all over.

Well, we are awake now and we are not going to silently take it! The TEA Party movement irritates their progress and frustrate their goals. We must be vigilant at election time and replace every one of them that support the progressive liberal efforts to take down our present lifestyle in America. We must remove those from governing our affairs who want to replace free enterprise and the Constitution with "One World Order".

How Will One World Order Affect Your Business Plans?

What does "One World Order" mean?
  • *One World Religion-which means no religion
  • *One World currency
  • *One World government-which means some form of socialism-with all citizens regulated by one body of world government and world laws.
If you agree that this is not the type of wold in which you want to live, please join me in standing up as a true Patriot. Being a Patriot means you support what our forefathers died to give us, you support what our soldiers sacrificed and died for, and you support our men and women overseas who are in harms way to secure our way of life for us.

You Don't Get Involved In Politics

If you are not paying attention to politics now, it means that you just don't care about what government is doing or that don't want to be pulled into politics. However, you had better start paying attention! Otherwise, you and the rest of us are about to lose all that makes this country great and that allows us to live the way we choose.

You are an irresponsible citizen when you do not participate in protecting our freedom and the blessings we enjoy by living in this country. You stand there in your private little world and say you don't want to be bothered or get involved, and yet you enjoy the benefits and lifestyle that American citizens receive without any contributions to protect it. No, you just leave it up to us who will stand up for you and who will do it all for your benefit. That is just plain lazy on your part and it insults the rest of us.

If you agree with the progressive liberal movement, then I am sure you will soon find out the error in your thinking. It is the freedom in present America that allows you to think the way you do. Just wait until you are not allowed to think that way any more or to voice your opinions without fear of being put in prison. At that point, however, it will be too late!

Now Tell Me Where I Said Anything About Racism, Hate, and Violence! You didn't hear me say a word because the TEA Party movement is about uniting people to protect freedom.

THE TEA PARTY DOES NOT CONDONE RACISM, HATE OR VIOLENCE. The truth is, those committing these infractions come from plants inside group gatherings to cause situations the media can report.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

White People Ain't Gonna Take It Any More!

I need to talk to you about something important today that is not about business dealings. It is about our fellowman and protecting our freedom. Some of you are not from America, but this message applies to all human beings on this planet.

No matter where you live, you do know about caring for your neighbors and many of you know about God and His commandment to love each other and to each other's keeper. That's all I want to say until you watch the video and read my notes leading up to it.

You have got to watch this video. The man is serious about America being ruined by Obamanomics. He says the "White People aint goinna take it anymore. They're gonna rise up.  I'm telling ya, their gonna rise up and take back their rights and I don't blame em.  I'm gonna be right there with em if they'll let me." Manning, Phd

You'll love his perspective! He is a black minister who talks to his own people. I hope you will watch it, especially if you are a black person. He makes some VERY relevant points to think about in these times.
The point I want to make before you watch this video is that we don't have to be on opposite sides of this issue. This country is OUR COUNTRY and we are ALL CITIZENS of this great nation. Please don't allow race to be used as a tool by politicians to divide us. This is a time when people really need to stick together.

Manning says there is going to be a revolution. I have been saying that too for five years now. I wrote it in my book back in 2005. Now the day is here when we have to make a decision on which side we are on. Are we on the Lord's side and stand up for freedom and self-reliance, with people taking care of those in our own community who need our help, or are we going to let evil and the laziness of mankind steal from the backs of those who work hard to support this country?

If communities and churches were taking care of their own we wouldn't have this mess now. But we do have this situation because people have turned away from their responsibility to their neighbors and have replaced it for working to satisfy our own desires and our own lavishness.

Now those precious things we hold dear are on the chopping block and will be taken from us by an out-of-control government. We did it to ourselves, but we can fix it too if we will open our eyes and take note of how we got here. Do we need a revolution that includes violence, or do we have a revolution in the way we think and act in our communities?

Although some are trying to make this a black and white issue, it is not! It is a Wake UP Call for us to start doing what we were created to do. We were created to love each other, to need each other, to take care of each other, and to care for those who have less than us.

However, and this is a HUGE however, those of you who have been lazy and expect a handout because of an attitude of dependence, it's time to start contributing to your community as well. This is a two way street you know, and that is what makes a healthy society. When one side of the street constantly takes and does not care about those who give, then there is something wrong with the system. It's obvious that this system is broken now, and we all can see it, so lets fix it together okay?

Use This Link For Video: Manning Predicts Revolution

In addition to this video, you may also appreciate this other posting on the same topic.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Who Is Really The One Inciting Anger?

Did you watch the CBS Interview with President Obama the other day?

Obama tried to appear presidential, but how can he be presidential when it is always someone else responsible for American's dissatisfaction with his policies and his failure to be an effective president?

The interview was an attempt by the President and/or the interviewer to take your eyes off from what Congress and this administration is doing by getting you to focus somewhere else.

Tactic 1: Play The Shell Game

What we see being played out by the media is nothing more than Politics as Usual. It's called the shell game, the way politicians handle controversial situations.

The shell game has three walnut shells with a pea placed under one of them. The object of the game is to keep the observer's eyes on the shell with a pea under it. As the the shells are moved around very quickly, the observer loses track of the shell with the pea.

Since the goal is to make a person think the pea is somewhere else than where it really is, it is easy to get things past the observer that would otherwise be seen. This is how our current and past administrations pacify us or redirect our attention.

The problem with using the shell game too often, however, is the American People are becoming too smart and won't play the game the way they are supposed to anymore .

Now that we recognize the game, we are better at keeping our eyes on the pea. We follow the movement of shells quite well because we are a more informed public. This is due to the increase of blogs on the internet so we don't have to believe liberal media coverage that is spoon feed to us by Washington.

Our Counter Move: Keep Our Eyes On The Pea

At first glance, it may appear that President Obama doesn't get it; he doesn't understand why the American People are so angry with him. It is apparent that this is a mistake in thinking. Of course Obama understands what he's doing. He knows exactly what is going on because he is a smart politician.

A smart politician knows that everything must be planned out beforehand. These plans include how he or she responds to the media, how he or she responds to criticism, and how he or she's response resonates with the people. With most cases in politics, the "shell game" is standard operating procedure.

Therefore, a smart-counter move is to attack those who discredit a politician. In this case, the politician is President Obama, along with people in Congress who are on a hit list to be replaced next election. Those in President Obama's line of site are some politicians, Fox News, and people like Glenn Beck and Rush Limbaugh.

The best defense is a good offense. In this case, it would be a smart move to suggest that Glenn Beck and Rush Limbaugh, the TEA Party, Conservatives, Sarah Palin, and the American People who don't like his policies are inciting hate in their criticism of him. They criticize because they don't understand what he is trying to accomplish for this nation. After all, he only wants what's best for America. Right?

Tactic 2: Play The Victim Role For Sympathy

When President Obama gets a reporter in front of him from CBS, with whom he likely called and set up the interview, he starts playing the victim role. You know what that means don't you? He acts out the role of  "Whoe is me! See how unfairly those on the "Right" represent me and my sincere desire to do what's best for America."

Playing the victim role happens to be one tactic that is very fruitful when people can't see through the ploy. However, we see through it because that tactic has been used on us a time or two before and so we know what President Obama is doing, and why.

Obama needs sympathy from the American People in order to regain their trust. To do that, he needs a "bad guy'. For now, the bad guys are Fox News, Glenn Beck, Rush Limbaugh, Sarah Palin, Republicans who oppose his objectives, and the grassroots Conservative movement.

In other words, the plan is to make those who disagree with the President appear hateful. What's even worse than the sympathy card is using the race card as a tool. When sympathy doesn't work, they use racism as a tactic from their toolbox.

Have you noticed that, when someone disagrees with another who is black, people start yelling racism even when it's obvious that it's not? It isn't racism to complain about the President's policies, even though Obama's campaign was keyed in on race.

The American way is about having the ability to complain when people object to government policy. Race is NOT the problem with this man, it is Obama's ideals and deception that's the problem.

In general, the Democrat leaders want to convince the American People that the problem isn't with them and the President's policies, they are not to blame for the anger towards government. It is Sara Palin, the Republicans and Conservatives who are to blame for the anger of Americans.

Counter-Move: Hit Back

Now some of those people being blamed for the mess are hitting back at President Obama.

On Friday, Rush Limbaugh hit back at Obama's interview comments. He said the president isn’t telling the truth and that he doesn't have the support of the American people.

Limbaugh said on his radio program after Obama's Interview with CBS 's Harry Smith that the President made false statements about vitriol reporting by Limbaugh and Fox News. The implication that the reports are aimed at stirring up the American People is untrue.

Thursday, Harry Smith asked President Obama if he is “aware of the level of enmity that crosses the airwaves and that people have made part of their daily conversation" about him, including being called a Nazi and socialist? Obviously, this question was predetermined so the President could respond to what the talk show hosts are saying about him.

Obama replied by saying, "Well, I think that when you listen to Rush Limbaugh or Glenn Beck, it's pretty apparent, and it's troublesome, but keep in mind that there have been periods in American history where this kind of vitriol comes out."

People are angry with the President and Congress for ignoring the "Will Of The People".  Rush and Beck just reflect what the people are thinking and saying. They and Sarah Palin are becoming the voice for the American People.

The president continued by saying, "It happens often when you've got an economy that is making people more anxious, and people are feeling like there is a lot of change that needs to take place. But that's not the vast majority of Americans. I think the vast majority of Americans know that we're trying hard, that I want what's best for the country."

That's right, it's the economy that President Bush left him that make people angry at him. A little sarcasm is used here to point out how ridiculous it is to blame President Bush for everything wrong with the economy today--never mind the fact that Congress was in charge of spending for the last several years of Bush's term.

It is Obama's ridiculous comment that made some people think that perhaps the President doesn't get it.  He says the vast majority of Americans don't feel the way Limbaugh and Beck do. Obviously, the President doesn't care or pay attention to the polls that say 78 percent of the people are against the Health Care Plan that Congress passed. And I might add, passed against the will of the majority of Americans.

In response to the comment Smith made about Obama being called a Nazi or Socialist, Limbaugh said on his radio show and posted it to, "Who has called him a Nazi? Who do we know that has called him a Nazi? Socialist?  Yeah. Marxist? We have compared healthcare in America to what the Nazis tried to do in Germany and get the control of the people going in that regard."

For Obama’s claim to have the people’s support,  Limbaugh said “The American people do not think that Barack Obama is doing what's best for the country.

They do not believe that in the slightest.  Never in my life have I seen a regime like this governing so against the will of the people, purposely.  I have never known more people personally who literally fear for the country.

For Barack Obama to run around and say that this show and Beck and all of talk radio is filled with vitriol?  Barack Obama sat in Jeremiah Wright's church for 20 years and never once complained about the tone of Jeremiah Wright's bigoted, anti-American, racist rants.

According to polling, Obama’s approval rating fell to 44% in the latest CBS News Poll, the lowest level of his time in office. This means the majority of Americans DO NOT think the way the President does and they agree with the way radio and talk show hosts say they think.

Notice that 44% compares to 49% in late March, just before the healthcare reform bill became law. His approval rating was 50% in January and 68% last April. Also, we know that the approval rating for Congress is only 18% since the passing of ObamaCare.


We can be angry with the President and Congress but remember that the world is watching us.

We show how our democratic society functions by the way we behave under duress. In other words, we prove or disprove that America is different than other counties that overthrow their government through violence.

Although it is possible that violence is inevitable to change the hold Obama and the progressive liberals have on our nation, we must weigh our responses with prudence. We must try every legal and peaceful means possible to change the direction of this nation by using our vote.

We cannot fall into the ploys of Obama and people like him by inciting anger, even though he is inflaming anger by his mandates. We need to see through the tools people like him use to control or fool the masses and not play the shell game.

We must not respond with hate and violence to the tactics this administration uses to divide this nation in order to control us.

The truth is, very shortly there will be much worse things to worry about than what is being said by Congress, Obama, and talk show hosts.

Banks are going to fail very shortly, perhaps by September this year, and the dollar crashing and leaving people without food or money is going to become a very big issue for Americans.

We need to resist being distracted by what Obama is doing to play the shell game and stay focused on preparing ourselves and family for scary times ahead of us.

Remember that the government has the power to place dissidents in prison and make our lives miserable. The way we respond to all this will make a difference in how bad we make it for ourselves and families.

Perhaps we cannot wait until November to replace Congressional members. Perhaps we need to do something now like California did when they recalled Gray as governor.

In the meantime, prepare your families and yourself spiritually, emotionally, and economically to handle what may be on the horizon.
  • Make sure you have food and items to use for trade.
  • Check out the video below and then go to our store and get the things you need; make that a priority.
  • And most importantly, pray for our nation and your family.
Watch This Video From OurDayShopping With Emergency Supplies and Planning For Stormy Days Ahead.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Easter Season Message

Easter is the season to remember our Savior died for us that we might live again and to take upon himself all of our sins and imperfections.

Easter is also the season that represents new birth and spring. . . with eggs, chicks, bunnies, and chocolate.