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Friday, March 19, 2010

Is Our Republic For Sale?

Is Our Republic For Sale?

This story is unbelievable. The more I learn the more concerned I become for the American People who are not prepared for what is ahead of us. I hope you read this story with an open mind and allow the spirit to communicate to you. This is it, the time that has been in prophecy. Please leave a comment and tell me what you think about this story.

I Predict States Ceding From The Union

News just keeps coming in almost hourly from Washington.

I have the Fox News Channel on as I work on the computer but I cannot keep up with everything happening to report on for you.

One of the newest reports is 38 States have now drafted law suits to fight back when the Health Care bill passes. They are fighting back for Abuse Of Federal Power. They say they cannot afford to abide by mandates coming from Washington with the passing of the Health Care bill.

Let me back up a little to last night to tell you that the Attorney General from Idaho came on Fox News to say they drew up a law suit against the Federal Government that will go into force when Congress passes the HC bill. We now have 38 states so far that have joined the "Lawsuit Bandwagon".

The Governor of Arizona came on Fox News today and said they cannot afford it. They can't just print money like the government can. The Governor said they will have to go to the taxpayers in order to raise the billions it will take to fund the mandates coming from Washington. She said this will bankrupt their state.

Consider these questions:
  • How many other states will bankrupt if these mandates are forced on states?
  • What other recourse will these States have but bankruptcy to comply with Federal mandates?
  • Is it possible that ceding from the union is their only recourse?
Consider these points before you answer the questions just asked of you.
  • Several years back, a man campaigned in Oregon on the merits of ceding from the union for being doubled taxed; he lost.
  • In the past year, we've seen jokes circulating on the Internet that Texas, Louisiana, Oklahoma and Arkansas will cede from the Union. Even Governor Perry responded to this speculation.
  • Now, with 38 States fighting back, this joke might actually become a reality.
  • 65% of Americans disapprove of the direction we are heading. Most of those will vote to not keep candidates in Congress right now.

I welcome your thoughts. Please leave me a comment.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Attack On the TEA Party Movement

Attack Of The TEA Party Movement

I posted this email because I want you to know that this attack on TEA Party Leaders is a normal practice for the Democrats, especially for Hillary.
I got an email from a man that had donated 2.5 million dollars to Hillary’s campaign but she used it illegally. When he tried to have charges brought against her for it, she and her army of lawyers pounced on the man and destroyed him.
I heard about his story first hand through Conservative Alert. He wanted to let people know what she had done but no one gave attention to that story. And now, what? She and her friends are at it again. Again, I heard about this story from Conservative Alert.
Another story I heard first hand was from Alan Keys when he was running against Obama for Senator. Keys spoke about his campaign office having two feet of manurer dumped on desks and computers. He was shut down for the last two weeks of the campaign, a crucial time in the campaign.
These dirty tactics are common for these people so they can win an election. They will not stop until they are stopped by the people. Knowledge is power in these cases.
Below you will see a video and an Open Letter to sign. I hope you will watch the video and sign the Open Letter. The TEA (Tax Enough Already) Party Movement is the grassroots of America, and they are standing up against big government to say that “We’ve had enough. Listen to the PEOPLE because our voices are not being heard.” This movement represents the common people who have something to say to the way government is being run. Please help us protect this movement and to not let them SHUT DOWN our voices.

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Liberals Like Clinton & Carville are Trying to Destroy Tea Parties — Click Below to Sign NATIONAL OPEN LETTER AD To Stop Them:
ALERT: Tea Parties… Town Halls… 9/12 Rallies…
The Grassroots of America have WOKEN UP — and we’re taking our country back.
And the left-wing Big Government supporters have also woken up — to aNIGHTMARE.
The Republican Party is finally learning to stop takingthe PEOPLE for granted, instead of running as “conservatives” and then governing as “Democrat light” once they’re elected.
And the Democrat Party is finally realizing that, thanks to their attempts to turn America into a socialist country, they could LOSE both houses of Congress, AND they facemassive losses in state house races around the country.
So how do they respond? Do they repent? Do they “come clean”? Do they start doing thewill of the people and obeying the Constitution?
NO — instead, the same old political hacks like Bill Clinton and James Carville are planning to “take down” Tea Party leaders with large-scale attacks on the leaders themselves — the old “politics of personal destruction.”
WE’RE FIGHTING BACK at – by taking out NATIONWIDE FULL-PAGE NEWSPAPER ADS, with an OPEN LETTER to Clinton, Carville, and anyone else who thinks they can destroy this grassroots movement with their old political tricks. And the message we’re delivering to them is: you’re going to fail, because WE THE PEOPLE ARE THE TEA PARTY LEADERS!Tell the Political Establishment: YOU Are The Tea Party Leaders:
Conservative investigative reporter Andrew Breitbart has learned that “Clintonistas” are plotting a “push/pull” strategy to take down the Tea Party movement. They plan to identify seven or eight national figures active in the tea party movement and engage indeep “opposition research” on them. If possible, they will identify one or two they can perhaps “turn,” either withmoney or threats, to create a mole in the movement.
The rest of these “Tea Party leaders” will be subjected to a full-blown smear campaign.
There’s just one BIG problem with this “old school” political attack on Tea Party leaders:
This is a TRUE grassroots movement — instead of having just a few leaders at the top, the Tea Party movement gets its strength from being led by the people themselves.
What the old political hacks can’t seem to understand is this:
YOU are the Tea Party Leader.
This movement isn’t about the same old politics. The Tea Party movement is about the PEOPLE — regular folks who just want to live their lives free from government interference, and who want to make sure that government STOPSovertaxing,STOPS overspending, and STOPS trying to RUN EVERYONE’S LIVES.
The people in this movement aren’t looking for leaders — because patriotic Americans like you ARE the Tea Party Leaders!
You and I understand that; now, it’s time to make the Clintons and Carvilles of this country understand that…
And we’ve got just the way to do that!
TAKE ACTION: As Larry Huss recently observed, the Tea Party movement “is the accumulation of frustrations built over the past seventeen years — yes, the Clinton years, the Bush years and now the Obama year. It arises because the majority of America knows that nobody is listening to them. It arises because neither political party gave voice to the concerns of the average American, It arises because every special interest group is feeding at the trough of our tax dollars while the worries and concerns of average Americans are either ignored or used as a political punching bags for those who seek advantage and power rather than solutions.”

The Tea Party movement is YOU AND ME — but some people just don’t get that. So, to help “school” all of these partisan political hacks, we’re going to take out afull-page national newspaper ad — an OPEN LETTER to Clinton, Carville, and anyone else who thinks they can destroy this grassroots movement with their old political tricks.
That OPEN LETTER is going to say one thing,LOUD AND CLEAR:
If you’d like to sign YOUR name to that open letter, and help us run it as anational full-page newspaper ad, you can sign on TODAY!
Tell the Political Establishment: YOU Are The Tea Party Leaders:
Don’t let the same old political hacks have their way any longer! Go to TODAY to sign on!

William Greene, President PAC
P.S. Full-page ads in national newspapers aren’t cheap. It’s over $90,000 for a paper like USA Today. But we believe it’s WORTH IT, to send a strong message to both Democrats AND Republicans — that we will NOT be “taken down” OR “taken over”!
For ONLY $50, you can have YOUR name added as a signer of this Open Letter; you can also help us make ourpowerful TEA PARTY LEADER VIDEO spread all across America and the world, AND you can also fax apersonalized signed copy of this Open Letter to every member of Congress!
Send your faxes right away to make sure every single Senator and Representativegets a STRONG message, to REJECT the socialized plan of “Obamacare” NOW — Thank you! Tell the Political Establishment: YOU Are The Tea Party Leaders:
You can also upload your own “I Am The Tea Party Leader” video for free at the Tea Party Patriots website by clicking here. Thank you.

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