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Sunday, October 18, 2009

Are You Ready?

The time has now come that I have been talking about for over a year.

I've reported on the collapse of the dollar for the past year on blogs at and, as well as the fall of America as we know it!

We cannot ignore the signs any longer, and we can no longer close our eyes and pretend that it isn't happening; because it is happening. In other words, we are on the Titanic right now and we just hit the iceberg. The question is, "Will we sink with the ship or will we grab hold of something to keep us afloat until help arrives"?

Watch this short video, which is an excerpt from the Glenn Beck show on Fox News, and then decide what you will do to best protect your family.

Also keep in mind that, If the dollar is used to buy oil, and if it is currently the only currency for purchasing oil, then what will happen when the dollar no longer has purchasing power? How will we purchase oil to heat our homes, oil to drive our vehicles for work, oil to power the companies that employ us, how will companies pay our wages, and then how will we buy food to feed our families?

The truth is that time is VERY SHORT and whatever you do now will make a difference in how you will respond to the crisis...and that doesn't mean "IF" it happens, but "WHEN" it happens!

Please watch all the videos I've provided for you on this subject so you will understand the situation and know that I am not blowing steam and that I am telling you the truth as forthright as I possibly can! PLEASE PAY ATTENTION!

Now there is one more thing we to discuss. I also provided several videos to show you how the President Obama is preparing for Marshal law and setting up concentration camps in America in order to manage rioting and unruly dissidents. 

It all makes sense now. It is easier to understand why Congress is running up the deficit, why they are purposely trying to kill off the dollar (to free government of its debt to other countries) and why Obama is wasting time on the Health Care Plan instead of concentrating on the jobless rate and other serious problems. 

Obama is giving the media and the American people something to keep them busy while he gets all his ducks in a row before the ceiling falls in...which I am sure will be soon! I suspect that we have from March or April to the end of next year - and that's likely all the time we have left.

Talk this over with your family and neighbors and decide how you will respond to the crisis. Reacting out of default because you don't have a plan only invites panic, hysteria, and bad decisions. Planning the best you can will help you if you have planned well.

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