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Monday, January 11, 2010

Honesty In Government

Jack Cafferty said in the video, that Pelosi promised an honest Congress (more than in the past) and Obama promised an open government with transparency, so he hopes voters will remember this "CRAP" in the mid-elections.

Pelosi and Reed have taken Congress to levels most Americans can hardly swallow these days. I am talking about the secrecy of deals being made behind closed doors (as they are doing with the Health Care plan) and outright lies some in Congress tells to the American people. The American people are getting very sick of it all and fed up with it. I guess a certain Party and Congress think we aren't smart enough to notice what they are doing or else it's that they just don't care what we think. Also disconcerting is the disdain many Politicians have toward Conservative values and the Constitution.

For example, when Pelosi was asked by a journalist if she thinks the Health Care Plan is constitutional, she said with some degree of jest: "Are you serious? Are you serious??" In other words, it sounds as if she believes that Congress is more powerful than the Constitution and that they can do whatever they please. You probably heard her say this several weeks ago because her statement was broadcast on several News Channels.

I hope you will spread the word with this video so people will remember it at election time. It seems that Edward Kennedy's seat is going to be replaced by Brown, a Republican and a number of Democrats are not running this next term, so it may be that Congress will get the message if they haven't messed things up too badly by then. Of course, there are also a lot of Republicans who are not running either so it will be an interesting election. Fox News reported some time back that both the Democrats and Republicans are losing ground and the Independents are growing. Perhaps both parties will finally get the message that we've had enough of their tactics....and perhaps they will shape up, but I doubt it.

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