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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

RNC and TEA Party Meeting

NewsMax reports that the Republican Party is meeting with about 50 TEA Party representatives in order to figure out how to win back seats in Congress.

This meeting  might be a good idea, especially since the Republican Party must resolve its separation from the people; they've lost seats in the last election because of it. Until they figure out what the people want from them, they will continue to lose.

The American people want both Parties (Republican or Democrat) to get a backbone and stand up to those in their party who are at odds with THE PEOPLE and have forgotten conservative values. If they do not, Independent voters will turn to a third party and replace them.

It is becoming very obvious that both Parties need to better understand the American People and what the majority wants from them. Until they get the message, that people want their party to listen to them and represent them the way they expected when they elected them, neither party is going to be successful if they won't change.

Government and its people have not been in harmony for quite some time. The solution is for government to do a better job of representing its people in order to regain their trust.  However, in order to do that, they need to STOP their reckless spending!  They need to STOP moving toward socialism!  They need to STOP playing to two masters. The American People are their only masters and NOT their greed for money and power.

In order for politicians to change, "WE THE PEOPLE" need to take away the power from career politicians (those who think more of their own careers than they do the wishes of the people they govern for) and put the power back in the hands of men and women who understand the majority, they understand the people's needs, and they have the backbone (moral character) to stand their ground for what is right when push comes to shove.

The problem with our present government is that progressive politicians have more persuasive lobbyists than those selling conservative values. The reason this is true is Conservative Values are NOT sell-able to special interests and do not come with special perks.

Politicians are being persuaded by the progressive movement in government to believe that there is not enough support for conservative values any more. If this is NOT true, then we need to tell politicians that they cannot accept this assumption from special interest groups.

Until we show them differently, Politicians see Conservatives as religious zealots because they are the only people who consistently have the moral strength to stand up for their values.  Conservative values include the following characteristics:
  • Honesty
  • Integrity
  • Morality in Mind, Body, and Soul
  • Loyalty and Fidelity to Family
  • Honors Life and Rights of the Unborn
  • Honors God and Country
  • Honors The Sovereignty of This Nation
  • Respect Others Rights and Property
  • Protects The Constitution
If these values represent you, then don't you think these same values should also be represented in your government?


Most people want honesty and integrity in their government and to espouse a degree of Godliness as well.  Although many politicians say they represent these values, their actions prove otherwise.

Currently, we see more people starting to rise up against their government because it has lost these values.  The American People put up with a lot of imperfections from their government, but now they are getting tired of it!  Greater numbers of people are rejecting a government that does not represent the majority and their values - at least to the degree that it is has become.

These last ten years have brought about this change and what people will continue to accept from their government; they are in a revolutionary mood. If government does not change soon, the people will change it for them.  Truly, the people are ready to vote out every single career politician and replace them with people who they feel are more like them (the common people). This is why people like Sarah Palin and newly elected Senator Brown are capturing the hearts and minds of the people. Perhaps we will see more and more people like them rise to the top and be elected. As the mood has changed, we may see candidates like Mitt Romney and Huckabe do better in the next election.

Will our present Government figure out their problem?  It's hard to tell, but  if they don't, THE PEOPLE WILL DO IT FOR THEM;  of that I am sure of!

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