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Friday, March 19, 2010

I Predict States Ceding From The Union

News just keeps coming in almost hourly from Washington.

I have the Fox News Channel on as I work on the computer but I cannot keep up with everything happening to report on for you.

One of the newest reports is 38 States have now drafted law suits to fight back when the Health Care bill passes. They are fighting back for Abuse Of Federal Power. They say they cannot afford to abide by mandates coming from Washington with the passing of the Health Care bill.

Let me back up a little to last night to tell you that the Attorney General from Idaho came on Fox News to say they drew up a law suit against the Federal Government that will go into force when Congress passes the HC bill. We now have 38 states so far that have joined the "Lawsuit Bandwagon".

The Governor of Arizona came on Fox News today and said they cannot afford it. They can't just print money like the government can. The Governor said they will have to go to the taxpayers in order to raise the billions it will take to fund the mandates coming from Washington. She said this will bankrupt their state.

Consider these questions:
  • How many other states will bankrupt if these mandates are forced on states?
  • What other recourse will these States have but bankruptcy to comply with Federal mandates?
  • Is it possible that ceding from the union is their only recourse?
Consider these points before you answer the questions just asked of you.
  • Several years back, a man campaigned in Oregon on the merits of ceding from the union for being doubled taxed; he lost.
  • In the past year, we've seen jokes circulating on the Internet that Texas, Louisiana, Oklahoma and Arkansas will cede from the Union. Even Governor Perry responded to this speculation.
  • Now, with 38 States fighting back, this joke might actually become a reality.
  • 65% of Americans disapprove of the direction we are heading. Most of those will vote to not keep candidates in Congress right now.

I welcome your thoughts. Please leave me a comment.

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