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Thursday, April 29, 2010

The 51st state? It's A Trick!

The 51st state?
H.R. 2499 hits the floor tomorrow - and the press hasn't made a peep. Perhaps everyone is cool with adding another star to the flag? This bill supposedly gives Puerto Rico freedom or something -- which is weird because they already have that. What does the bill actually do? Opens the door for America to go from 50 to 51 states - Glenn explained how on his radio and television programs today.

Why haven't we heard about this on the news? Just ten or even fifteen years ago, this vote would be all over the news. It just proves that we no longer have free press, our press is controlled from Washington. Isn't that what they call propaganda? I thought so!

I wish you could have seen Glenn Beck today, or did you?  If it were not for Fox News we wouldn't know most of what is going on today. At least half the news is never reported by the main stream media. I WANT TO KNOW WHY WE HAVE NOT HEARD anything about the situation in Puerto Rico!

Let's see, if the Democrats can get on board more than 12 million illegal aliens in America right now, someday those 12 million are potential Democrat votes and then add the 4 million potential Democrat votes they expect to get from Puerto Rico, it adds up to having long standing control over Washington. This means their progressive liberal plans for Socialism, redistribution of wealth, and One World Order will all come to pass.

I know you think this all sounds just like the far "right-wing-radicals" talking because that is what Democrats want you to think. They don't want you to know what they are doing, and there is a reason for it. It doesn't take a rocket-scientist to figure out that they don't want us to know what they plan and what they do because they have something to hide.

I am getting very tired of the far-left agenda, just as they are getting very tired of us getting in their way and trying to stop them. One thing is for sure, I see what they are up to now and I plan on spreading the word and telling every one about this who will listen. I will tell them that WASHINGTON does NOT have our best interest at heart. This is obvious or they would not be doing things behind our backs.

What is bad about this vote in Congress tomorrow about Puerto Rico is that the whole thing is a trick. Puerto Ricans know it is a trick and so they've been advertisements to vote "NO". Why does this plan involve tricking Congress to think it's one thing when it is really for another? It's all about greed and power.

The Puerto Rican vote on H.R. 2499 is expected to pass. This will be the first step to obtaining 4 million more Democrat votes for the future. Do you understand why Washington is doing all they can to cater to illegals and give them benefits most of us don't even qualify for?

The Constitution demands protecting our borders so why don't they? Why are they taking the objections to legalizing illegals and turn it into racism? Why is it that RACE IS ALWAYS COMING OUT OF THE MOUTHS OF THE LEFT?

Please pass along this report to every one who will listen. We have to wake up America to the plans of the far left. We are already forgetting the tricks they pulled on us to pass the Health Care Bill. They knew we would. We cannot let them keep this up! I am looking forward to hearing your thoughts on this subject.
4 Step Process
*Well over 12 Million Illegal Aliens with Potential Voters = 12 Million votes
* Grant Statehood for the District of Columbia  = 1 New Member to the House
*4 Million Convicted Felons they want to help because they believe these people will vote Democrat
* 4 Million Voters from Puerto Rico to potentially vote Democrat
Puerto  Rico will have 2 Senators and 6 House Members

You see how they plan to change the makeup of the House and the Senate? What they are doing is just opening the door for more down the road. Will they be satisfied with just 1 Senator from DC? Even though the founding fathers said no adding the District of Columbia as a STATE, they said "NO, You Can't Do That" but they will do it anyway.

You know what they are going to say about those who object to these plans don't you?  They are going to say this is about racism and freedom.  Isn't that what they've been saying about women's rights to have abortions, gay rights to marry, increased rights and privileges for blacks, trying to treat illegals as legal Americans, and what they say about those who object to Obama's agenda? But we are wising up now. We see that it IS NOT about race but that it is all a numbers game to control Washington for decades.

We have to call our Congressman and tell them to vote no on H.R. 2499 tomorrow.

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