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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Dems Rush to Push Through Border Bill

Dems Rush to Push Through Border Bill

We need to stand up to those who think it is alright to ignore state rights, granted by the Constitution, in order to fulfill the vision that Liberals have for America.

The majority of Americans believe in standing for the Constitution, the way it was written, and they expect the government to obey those standards as well.

As citizens, we must be accountable in obeying the law. Those who serve in the State Capital or in Washington must be accountable as well.

Americans want punishment to equal the crime when people break immigration laws. They are fed up with a different set of rules for Democrats and Liberals or for those with money and are elevated in status than for the average citizen.

Why should those who break our immigration law be allowed to come into the country illegally and given amnesty when others who obey, are still waiting.

Many Americans also feel angry because illegals abuse the intent of the law by having their children born here so they can by-pass the law and become instant citizens.

The unfairness of illegals receiving preference treatment when others obey the law and are still waiting to come into America legally is only one reason Americans demand that the government protect the borders.

What about all the people who die because they are inticed to come across the border? They come because they are looking for a better life and pay for it with their life?

What about all the litter left by the illegal traffic coming across the border? People who own property along the borders are finding their vehicles stolen and property damaged by illegals?

What about people living in fear along the border because they and their family members are being attacked or violated by gun tote'n illegals crossing the border?

What about the financial strain on states that have to enforce their laws and to incarcerate illegal criminals? In addition, consider the cost of illegal's free medical treatment, medication, schooling, and feeding them and their families.

With all the illegal traffic coming across the border, more of us are speaking up and telling Washington that we will no longer stand for their abuse of power and by not protecting the border for political gain.

Florida has drafted a law the goes beyond Arizona's law that was challenged in the court with key elements were shot down. However, Florida's governor believes their law will be upheld by the court if DOJ challenges it.

Some say that the governor is not really for this law and that he is doing it to win an election because he has heavy competition. It will be interesting to see how all this plays out next year because that is how long it will take before it can be voted on.

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