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Friday, November 5, 2010

The Entrepreneurial Spirit of America

Tonight the Will Of The People Spoke. Did You Hear Them?

Rand Paul gave an inspirational message tonight that I wish to share with you. I hope you agree with the message because this is what makes America different than any other country. And no matter what others think about our system, not matter how they try to pervert it, no matter how they try to make America be something that it was never meant to be, the American Spirit will protect her.

What Makes America Exceptional

Rand Paul said this:  Tonight is a TEA Party tidal waive and I have a message for you. Government does not create jobs. Individual entrepreneurs create jobs, men and women, but not the government.

Why is America great? Why are we the greatest, riches, and freest country ever known to man? America is exceptional but it is not inherently so. America is exceptional because we embraced freedom, because we enshrined it in our documents, and because we have lived and fought for the principals of freedom.

America will remain great if we remain proud of America, if we remain proud of the system, the system enshroud in our founding documents, the systems that protects and promotes free exchange of goods, a system that protects capitalism that has made this country great.

America will remain great if and when we understand that government cannot create prosperity. We have to understand that come from ourselves, it does not come from government. We are the creator of that prosperity. Until we understand that, we cannot truly defend and protect our liberties.

I have great confidence in the American system. We must believe in ourselves and not believe that somehow some benevolent leader in a distant capital will take care of us and will save us from ourselves. We must again believe in ourselves.

I will ask the Senate respectfully to deliberate upon this: Do we wish to live free or be enslaved by debt? Do we believe in the individual or do we believe in the State?

Thomas Jefferson wrote that government is best that governs least. Likewise, freedom is best when enjoyed by the most. America can rise and surmount these problems if we just get government out of our way.  America's best days lie ahead of her if we can once again unleash the creative genius, the entrepreneurial spirit, the faith in ourselves that is the American dream.

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