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Friday, May 6, 2011

U.S. Is In The Gun Trafficking Business

Did you see on the National News last week that the ATF (Department of Alcohol, Tabacco, and Firearms) was caught breaking the law?

Apparently gun shop owners, who called in suspicious orders, were told by ATF to complete the sale anyway. The problem is those sales were illegal. They claimed they needed to track the weapons to see where they went. Did they go into Mexico and  to drug cartel? Were they stock-piled by some radical group?

The real truth is that ATF is in the business of  gun trafficking. By flooding the market with tons of weapons entering Mexico, they could report that 90% are coming from America.  That way they can pass laws to control weapons going across the border. Doesn't this just sound like something's rotten in Washington? It adds one more layer to the level of corruption in the Obama administration.
NRA's LaPierre Calls for AG Holder to Resign

Attorney General Eric Holder needs to go over an ATF sting that sold weapons to figures associated with the Mexico drug trade, says NRA Executive Vice President Wayne LaPierre. The following is Newsmax.TV's coverage of LaPierre's entire speech at NRA's 140th annual meeting in Pittsburgh. Read more on

This video is about 40 minutes long and well worth watching. It's very entertaining.

What are your thoughts about this report? Do you think Holder should be responsible for this sting?

Do you see the evil plan to take away our guns? Why do they want our guns so badly? My husband said that he heard on the radio that there are enough hunters with guns in just two states to be the larges civilian army. What would happen if these people decided to take their guns and launch a revolution? And then you add other states like Texas and Montana and what do you get?

The can be only one reason for Congress and the White House to be working so hard to take away our guns, and for the United Nations being given the right to make U.S. citizens to register guns and ammo with them, and that has to be to disarm us.

Why do they want to disarm us? Well, let's see? Could the American Revolution ever take place if they did not have weapons?

Could the Wild West be tamed without weapons?

How else were settlers going to hunt for food and protect themselves without guns?

Perhaps we have the same reasons to won guns ourselves, especially people want to bring about One World Order and dissolve the Constitution, a collapse of the dollar, and the chaos resulting from it. I see rioting in the streets and people trying to steal what we have just to eat. It could be like the Old Wild West again.

Are you willing to give up your guns? Do you think guns are the problem, is it people who have guns that are the problem, or is it government wanting to take our guns that's the problem?

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