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Saturday, October 24, 2009

Attempt To Block Fox News Backfires

What do you think about the Whitehouse attempt to keep Fox News out of the pool for interviews? The Whitehouse is fighting back with force to anyone who does not agree with them or tow the line. Don’t they know the bounds of misusing the power of the President. I can’t believe this nerve it takes to attempt this type of move. This just adds to all the other areas of over-stepping the bounds by this president.

I hope you can see what is going on here and start speaking out to let President Obama understand that we are watching and that we are not afraid to replace him and Congress if we need to. I think he thinks his crap doesn’t stink, and that my friends can be a huge problem in the future. Keep in mind that he has only been President for 10 months. What will we see in another 10 months is scary to me.

We need people like you to keep the Whitehouse feet to the fire and make sure they know we are paying attention to them.

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