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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

They Must Think America Isn't Paying Attention

People need to understand what the Democratic Party is trying to pass over on us. They are determined to pass a bill to save face. They MUST put out something that the President will sign and that they can sell to the people and Congress. We need to make sure we keep on the pressure and let Congress know we are watching. If they want to be elected back in 2010, they better start listening to the people.

No one argues that we need health care reform, and no one will argue that people who have no insurance need to be able to resolve their problem equitably, but most Americans don't want a plan that is obviously not affordable. What would have been said if President Bush or a Republican Congress had tried to push something like this on Americans? You know exactly what would happen. So why is it different now? You know the answer to that too; because Congress and the President think they can do whatever they want and the people can't do anything about it.

Are they right? Are they going to get away with ignoring the people? It's up to you to get this information out so people are made aware of what Congress and the President are trying to put over on us. Tell them they are wrong, that they cannot do this and get away with it without cost to them personally and professionally.

I would really appreciate your comments on this subject. I want to know how you feel about all this being done behind closed doors as well.

I need you to sign up as a member patriot and pass on the word. We have power as a group and so I need you.

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