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Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Links To Important Stories

The point people is that we are being cooked alive!

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I love this country and what it stands for, and I love the heritage that is the foundation of our patriotism. Although I see patriotism fading in our youth, there are still plenty of Americans who still feel very patriotic. However, along with patriotism comes sovereignty of our nation. I am concerned because it appears we are on the verge of losing our sovereignty.

Again I must ask the question, "Is this the change Americans expected when they voted in Obama?" President Obama has an agenda for sure, and he is wasting little time implimenting programs that most of Americans are starting to wake up to and the reality of seeing his true colors; hopefully they wake up before it's too late.



America is made up of families, neighborhoods, and communities. So America is really a group of communities. Therefore, it is families, neighborhoods, and communities that affect society's attitudes and expections of government. Does that make sense?

Does it also make sense that we, as families and neighborhoods, need to know what goes on in our own churches and communities? Do we need to know how the people in our neighborhoods think and feel, and what they need and want, in order to maintain a healthy society and a healthy nation? I say "of course" to both of these questions, "that's exactly what it means!"


What I've learned recently is our own government has a strong need to be in control of things that they have no business in controlling. This need becomes very apparent when we consider how Congress is protecting the people's rights and freedom. It's only been seven months since this new administration came into power and look at what they've done already with that power.



I want you to know that I love this country and the freedom we barely are able to enjoy these days. I want you to realize that this FREEDOM came at a high cost to those who loved this country enough to die for it or to make heavy sacrifices for it. I, for one, am very grateful for these sacrifices and the devotion these people had to give us the most perfect government they could foresee.

We have greatly desecrated the memories of their sacrifices by the way we sit back so complacently and allow this freedom to slip through our fingers. I am ashamed and embarrassed by this and so I have done my part in protecting this right.

I hope you will support me in protecting your rights by avoiding complacency. Thank you, from the bottom of my heart, to all of you who step up to the plate and face the ugliness of what is going on in our country now. It's not easy to expose yourselves to ridicule but you do it without hesitation. Thank you so much.

We are not in this fight alone. We have many others out there who feel as we do. They want to support these efforts to protect our freedom as we do. Remember, we are stronger when we unite and stand by each other.

Have you ever wondered what happened to the 56 men who signed the Declaration of Independence? See below:



Thomas Paine, author of "Common Sense," returns to modern times to plea for a second revolution to take back America, Now!


We Are In Another Transition

Presently, America is going through another transition in at least three areas:

  1. A weak economy,
  2. Liberal Democrats who are trying to establish Socialism,
  3. And loss of values in society.

A weak economy means unemployment is high and people stop spending money on new homes, new cars, traveling, and other discretionary items. People stop spending when the cost of living goes up and leaves little money for spending in other ways.

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