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Thursday, October 8, 2009

Welcome To A Sisterhood of Patriots

Watch This Video And See Why I Wanted To Start Up This Site This video was made in March 2009, but the idea that government can be so brazen is enough to get me riled up and wanting to defeat this type of power in the future. If you are with me, please become a member so we can do this together.

I got the idea to start a blog like this after watching Glenn Beck today. He had three ladies on his show that have started just this sort of blog.

I want to join a movement such as this because women need accept that MOMs and GRANDMOMs Are Relevant! We are NOT just a mom or a grandmother, we are the strength o society. We are the foundation for the grassroots movement today.

Women need to take their position in the grassroots movement seriously. They need to accept that they are VERY relevant in taking back our country from liberalism and the misguided elite. The influence of women has always been the backbone of society and their presence in today's movement is even more relevant than a decade ago.

The bottom line here is that children listen to their mothers, they respect their mother's opinion, and they want the approval of their mothers before they do anything. Now that is what you call major relevance!

According to what I heard on Glenn Beck today, the majority of the grassroots movement is made up of women. For example, the co-founder of said that our forefathers fought for us and now we need to fight for our children. I can't help but agree with her, as children of the future are being saddled with the reckless spending deficit they can never pay off.

Let us join in these women in our efforts. Please go to their sites and give them your support!

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