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Sunday, November 8, 2009

Being Positive In A Negative Economy

Most reports we hear on television right now are negative and about problems with living in our times. It's negative news on the current government administration, negative news on the state of our economy, negative news on the state of the dollar and it crashing soon, negative news on events going on around the world, and negative news on the war in Iraq and Afghanistan. With all that negativity, how do we find something to be positive about today?

I enjoyed church this week, it inspired me to think more positive about the gloom and doom going on around me, so I thought it would be a good idea to share some of what I learned with you. Take it for what it's worth to you and apply whatever you feel will help you deal with the negatives in your own life.

The first thing I learned is that how we deal with our circumstances is all about perspective, the way we view events taking place around us. We may choose to live in our own little world and think all is well, we can accept the reality of the world we live in and complain about it, or we can choose to accept things as they are but be positive in our responses to what we see and hear.

The way I see it, we have a choice to be negative or positive about our environment. If we choose to be positive, we may need to change our mindset. Also, we may need to challenge ourselves to do something that helps us live in the world but not of the world. In other words, we make the choice to be positive. Also, accepting that we are not alone in this world and that there is no need to suffer through it by ourselves gives us a sense of well-being. We have each other, we have our communities on the Internet and at home, and we have a "Father in Heaven"; a being who loves us and will protect us in the safe cocoon that he provides for us.

In this way, we are much like a grove of trees. Trees standing close together catch another when it falls. Also, trees lean against another until someone comes along to either tether them up to something in order to straighten them or to cut them down.

We can become as a grove of trees. This means we catch each other when someone falls to prevent him or her from toppling over in a life storm or becoming washed away in the torrent. Also, it means we allow someone to lean on us for awhile until he or she tethers themselves to whatever helps them straighten up and stand again.

As we become more like a grove of trees in a storm, we gather strength from each other. This strengthens us as we fight the challenges we face right now, and helps us weather the brunt of our economic storm. By standing closely with each other, we know we have someone near who understands what we are going through and knows how to help us. This knowledge alone can be very comforting to us.

Think about it, when we put together our resources, our time and talents, our encouragement, and our love, we can accomplish great things that would not normally be accomplished alone.

Our nation is notorious for standing together in a crisis. Remember 9/11, how we came together to help those afflicted by the disaster! It made us stronger as a nation and as a people. For a short time, we forgot about our differences and about politics, we actually came together and supported each other.

I wrote these thoughts after 9/11/2001, regarding the way people responded to the crisis.
You were an inspiration to this country, as you came together from far and wide across this nation; united in purpose and patriotism.

This was shown in the flags you raised and the songs you sang, in the candles you lit, and the prayers you said.

With heads held high and caring arms spread, you hugged each other as tears were shed.

You were a ray of sunshine in the middle of turmoil, and an inspiration when this country was thrust into chaos.

No one did this alone; we did it together! Together we bridged the chasm of grief and despair, and together we face the future.

Although outraged for what happened that day, we must be united in order to be strong.
I saw people come out from all walks of life and all corners of the world to support the people in New York in their time of need. In addition, I saw this nation reach out to other countries in their crisis as well, and many churches contribute food and supplies to people suffering in a disaster. This is exactly the kind of thing I am talking about; caring for others in our own way and in our own community or online communities.

There are some really hard times in store for us as a nation in the near future. When the dollar crashes, it will cause huge problems for not only America but for other nations as well. Our dollar impacts the world and the world impacts us as well. One of the videos I posted points out that we will be the first to fall victim to over-spending and huge national debt. However, other nations have done the same and will follow the same path as America. So this is going to be a world-wide problem very shortly. This is why we need to become a grove of trees RIGHT NOW and prepare the best we can to respond appropriately to this type of world crisis. I suggest you watch some of the videos I have on my vodpod: Click Here. Also, you will probably like and FamilyBasics.

We would love to hear from you. Give us your advice for helping people who are suffering right now from a troubled economy. This is not just our web site (mine or Terrance's), it's yours too. We want you to be part of our grove of trees. Please tell us your thoughts, questions, and advice. Tell us how you handle the economy problems you face and how you have overcome the trials of our times.

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