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Friday, November 13, 2009

When The Dollar Collapses, What Then?

When the dollar collapses and people lose their money, their jobs, their homes, and their family members who can't handle these losses, then what do you think comes next? Obviously, the country will be in chaos. Then what will happen? Marshall Law will be necessary to control the masses, because people are going to be very angry at the government for allowing that to happen. They will want to take out their anger on Congress and this administration for running up a huge debt, for printing money out of thin air, much like past Presidents have done, and for putting America and the dollar on the brink of disaster. Can you see the picture I am painting for you? And then what? I suspect a civil war, the likes of which we have never known.

People like us who write blogs, TEA Party protesters and anyone who speaks out against the government will be hunted down and put in prison for civil disobedience. You don't believe this will happen? Why do you think President Obama has been practicing for such an event by putting troops in neighborhoods, block by block, stopping cars and going into homes? Why do you think the President has tested sound to take down a crowd in Philadelphia riots, and why has he sent black hawk helicopters over neighborhoods in the early part of the year? Why does FEMA have many closed and empty prisons being renovated with barbed wire going inward to keep people in? And why is FEMA ordering ten thousand plastic coffins? Why is there 600 prisons all over the county just waiting for people to put in them? There are 75 counties in Texas, my home-state, who are slated to become prisons.

You really need to see all four of these videos below and then tell me what you think about of of this that I've been saying. Please don't tell me that this is all conspiracy theory, just as other people do who have not done any research, because I've seen dozens of videos and lots of reports that support what this man is saying.

In the first video, he talks about FEMA camps. I've seen videos that show them. Just check out my vodpod at Americas Demise. do exist to control the masses. Think about it, who would be the ones put in all these camps? Well, can you say dissidents, TEA party protesters, freedom fighters trying to restore the rights we've lost? Could it be you for speaking out against the government? Look how much freedom we have lost already and it hasn't even been a year yet. What do you think America will look like by this time next year? I predict we will be in a civil war, those who believe we need government and those who say I won't live in a government that takes away our rights and dominates through dictatorship. Mark my words. I would like nothing more than to eating those words this time next year but I doubt that will be the case.

Obama has already practiced troops in neighborhoods going from block to block. Why would he have the military practice such a thing if he doesn't expect it? If he expects it, then why would he expect civil unrest? They institute rioting so they can institute marshall law.

This guy ridicules Glenn Beck and Fox News. Basically, Alex Jones says that marshall law is being set up with fake polls and fake news reports to get people to believe loss of freedom is good because we need it.

Congressmen are saying they don't know what is in the emergency plan and that they have been threatened to pass bill or there will be marshall law. Please wake up and stop this before it becomes reality.

Need more proof? Here it is, dated two days ago!

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