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Friday, April 23, 2010

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At the risk of some of you not reading this article because you think it is about politics instead of business, I urge you to still read on because it really does relate to how you do business. Consider how you would fulfill your dreams and the measure of your creation if government tied your hands and restrict your ability to live the way you prefer and pass laws that control your thinking.

There is a grassroots movement in America today that's known as the TEA Party. This movement is about more than protesting high taxation (TEA=Taxed Enough Already) but has become a group effort to affect decisions in government.

The TEA Party's efforts center around the need to protect what our forefathers died for and have sacrificed so much to give us. Please, I would really appreciate you joining my forum discussion at Stand Up Patriots to discuss the TEA Party Movement and how you feel about the way politicians and the media portray their efforts.

Why I Ask This Of You

First, understand that I'm not saying you cannot succeed and have your dreams fulfilled under a government other than we have now. I am saying that our dreams, goals, and plans we set in motions are based on the way of life that we currently enjoy. For these reasons, I need to talk with you for a moment about the TEA Party movement.

This grassroots movement is gaining momentum the past year and so they are drawing a lot of attention from the media and politicians. As a result, the group is now being demonized for having the audacity to stand up as patriots. Members speak out with courage against progressive liberals who are aggressively attempting to change the foundation of America.

This Is Not About Advancing Political Points of View

We are no longer talking about politics as usual, about the differences between party lines, or whose philosophy is right or wrong. We are talking about supporting a group effort to protect the American Constitution, protecting "checks and balances", and keeping the three divisions of government separate, honest and healthy so we can live our dreams in a free commerce.

In addition, we are talking about protecting America from being subject to world laws, world religion, and one world currency. The grassroots movement that the TEA Party stands for is really a moral issue. It's about our power to think the way we want and the right to speak out against government intervention in our businesses and in our lives.

The TEA Party movement frustrates Progressive liberal's efforts to see their vision for American fulfilled. They have been trying to make this vision become reality for over forty years. As a result, their counter-move is to discredit TEA Party efforts by portraying them as racists, hateful, seditious, and violent. Of course, any one who attends TEA Party events will know these claims are FALSE.

I'm not racist, not violent, just not silent any more.  Are you?

Glenn Beck suggested that we put these words on the Internet and everywhere we can to let people know that what they've been hearing about TEA Party members is wrong. It is an OUTRIGHT LIE being used (by guess who) to manipulate support for the group.

The progressive left want to discredit this movement and our objection to what they want to do to America.
  • *We DO NOT want Socialism in America. Our forefathers left that form of government behind them and established a Democratic Republic form of government--which gives sovereignty to states and representation of the people in government.
  • *We DO NOT want an over-extended government that gets into our personal lives and business dealings. We believe in capitalism and free commerce.
  • *We DO NOT want government making us dependent on them verses self-reliance. We believe in allowing communities and churches to care for those in need and limited government programs.
  • *We DO NOT want government telling us how to think, deeming what speech is acceptable, and limiting our business dealings with ridiculous rules and regulations.
  • *We DO NOT want government telling us how to run our families either and our personal finances.
  • *We DO NOT want government telling us that we cannot voice our religious views in public because we might offend someone who believes differently.
Since the TEA Party is gaining so much momentum, those who oppose the movement feel a need to attack our work. It appears that they really think Americans are stupid enough to accept their vision for America and will not wake up to the truth until it is all over.

Well, we are awake now and we are not going to silently take it! The TEA Party movement irritates their progress and frustrate their goals. We must be vigilant at election time and replace every one of them that support the progressive liberal efforts to take down our present lifestyle in America. We must remove those from governing our affairs who want to replace free enterprise and the Constitution with "One World Order".

How Will One World Order Affect Your Business Plans?

What does "One World Order" mean?
  • *One World Religion-which means no religion
  • *One World currency
  • *One World government-which means some form of socialism-with all citizens regulated by one body of world government and world laws.
If you agree that this is not the type of wold in which you want to live, please join me in standing up as a true Patriot. Being a Patriot means you support what our forefathers died to give us, you support what our soldiers sacrificed and died for, and you support our men and women overseas who are in harms way to secure our way of life for us.

You Don't Get Involved In Politics

If you are not paying attention to politics now, it means that you just don't care about what government is doing or that don't want to be pulled into politics. However, you had better start paying attention! Otherwise, you and the rest of us are about to lose all that makes this country great and that allows us to live the way we choose.

You are an irresponsible citizen when you do not participate in protecting our freedom and the blessings we enjoy by living in this country. You stand there in your private little world and say you don't want to be bothered or get involved, and yet you enjoy the benefits and lifestyle that American citizens receive without any contributions to protect it. No, you just leave it up to us who will stand up for you and who will do it all for your benefit. That is just plain lazy on your part and it insults the rest of us.

If you agree with the progressive liberal movement, then I am sure you will soon find out the error in your thinking. It is the freedom in present America that allows you to think the way you do. Just wait until you are not allowed to think that way any more or to voice your opinions without fear of being put in prison. At that point, however, it will be too late!

Now Tell Me Where I Said Anything About Racism, Hate, and Violence! You didn't hear me say a word because the TEA Party movement is about uniting people to protect freedom.

THE TEA PARTY DOES NOT CONDONE RACISM, HATE OR VIOLENCE. The truth is, those committing these infractions come from plants inside group gatherings to cause situations the media can report.

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