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Thursday, April 8, 2010

White People Ain't Gonna Take It Any More!

I need to talk to you about something important today that is not about business dealings. It is about our fellowman and protecting our freedom. Some of you are not from America, but this message applies to all human beings on this planet.

No matter where you live, you do know about caring for your neighbors and many of you know about God and His commandment to love each other and to each other's keeper. That's all I want to say until you watch the video and read my notes leading up to it.

You have got to watch this video. The man is serious about America being ruined by Obamanomics. He says the "White People aint goinna take it anymore. They're gonna rise up.  I'm telling ya, their gonna rise up and take back their rights and I don't blame em.  I'm gonna be right there with em if they'll let me." Manning, Phd

You'll love his perspective! He is a black minister who talks to his own people. I hope you will watch it, especially if you are a black person. He makes some VERY relevant points to think about in these times.
The point I want to make before you watch this video is that we don't have to be on opposite sides of this issue. This country is OUR COUNTRY and we are ALL CITIZENS of this great nation. Please don't allow race to be used as a tool by politicians to divide us. This is a time when people really need to stick together.

Manning says there is going to be a revolution. I have been saying that too for five years now. I wrote it in my book back in 2005. Now the day is here when we have to make a decision on which side we are on. Are we on the Lord's side and stand up for freedom and self-reliance, with people taking care of those in our own community who need our help, or are we going to let evil and the laziness of mankind steal from the backs of those who work hard to support this country?

If communities and churches were taking care of their own we wouldn't have this mess now. But we do have this situation because people have turned away from their responsibility to their neighbors and have replaced it for working to satisfy our own desires and our own lavishness.

Now those precious things we hold dear are on the chopping block and will be taken from us by an out-of-control government. We did it to ourselves, but we can fix it too if we will open our eyes and take note of how we got here. Do we need a revolution that includes violence, or do we have a revolution in the way we think and act in our communities?

Although some are trying to make this a black and white issue, it is not! It is a Wake UP Call for us to start doing what we were created to do. We were created to love each other, to need each other, to take care of each other, and to care for those who have less than us.

However, and this is a HUGE however, those of you who have been lazy and expect a handout because of an attitude of dependence, it's time to start contributing to your community as well. This is a two way street you know, and that is what makes a healthy society. When one side of the street constantly takes and does not care about those who give, then there is something wrong with the system. It's obvious that this system is broken now, and we all can see it, so lets fix it together okay?

Use This Link For Video: Manning Predicts Revolution

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