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Sunday, October 24, 2010

Democrats Tilting Elections To Win

Democrats are telling people in a commercial to vote for the Independents and make it appear as if it is coming from the TEA Party as a way to split the votes and give a vote to the Democrats.
The ad is paid for by the Democrats but don't identify themselves as Democrats. They are being sneaking as can be. It is WIN AT ALL COST ATTITUDE!
Pass out the word and warn people you know that Democrats are running Dirty Politics. The American People has had it with this type of dirty tricks, they are sick of it.
It is true that both parties have done this, but the truth is that Democrats are the most egregious in doing this stuff.
This election is about cleaning house in Congress, and that includes the dirty players in Congress who try to tilt the elections in their favor.
Tell your friends about this and warn them to be sure about who is on their ballot as a TEA Party member. They are also putting people on the ballot that will have no hope of winning in order to stake away votes from TEA Party Republicans.

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