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Monday, October 25, 2010

Do You Know About The Democrats Socialist Agenda?

Response: I, for one, will fight socialism to my dying breath!

Response: Yes, I know about this. I am posting blogs every chance I get to help wake up people. The worse part is that say this stuff with a straight face. I am shocked that they can do this and still call themselves patriots. You know what, I heard of a prophecy long ago that our government would hang by a thread. Does it sound like we are there? But it will be saved. I think the grassroots movement of the TEA Party will be the ones who save it. It will require real patriots to stand up against intolerance and stupidity and not be swayed. Standing for what is right is not easy but I can't live any other way.

Response: Bless you Judy. It does sound like we are there, per the prophecy you heard. I can't live any other way either, not again you see I came here from a Communist country, I know what it is like. If it can still be done peacefully I am there if not I am there too. But either way something has got to be done so it does not happen again. Marxism has to be identified as an enemy of this republic and treated as such, after all Marxists consider us the Capitalist enemy.

Response: I am an American, not a socialist and I will never align myself with that way of thinking!

Response: these idiots actually believe in what they do. So we have been fighting against their ideals since the communist/socialist ideas gained momentum. Now they are failing and we seem to be headed in their direction. Become communists, and fail. When did we need a foreign group to tell us how to be free market capitalists? Never.

Response: The we is the youth of this nation. They don't know what America stands for or what makes us special as a nation. They don't understand patriotism and the meaning of the flag. They are indoctrinated in school now. It's unreal. I saw a video where the high school social studies book has a chapter on One World Order. I was shocked.

Response: Do these kids parents even know what is going on?

Response: I doubt it. Parents are so preoccupied with working that they don't know much about what their kids are doing or what they think. Our youth are the ones who have to be turned bec Obama, Al Gore, and the educational system are indoctrinating them. They are telling them that their parents are as smart as they are, that they don't know what is going on in the world, that they are the ones who are destroying the earth and the world, and that America is the evil enemy. They are told that it is up to them to save America from their evil parents and evil government. They are told that Obama and the Democrats are the answer and they will lead them to a better world. It's scary isn't it?

Response: I want to share in your optimism. I will when we have the right people in place and when Communists are once again considered and treated as the enemy of this republic the Constitution and it's people and when our schools teach American pride.

If that doesn't happen we will have this political trash over and over again.

Response: What is your definition and examples of Socialism that you are so against?
From my view point here are some socialistic organizations, which would you abolish if you had your way?

- the military is a collective of soldiers for the common defense
- the police are a collective at different jurisdictional levels to protect the populous
- Fire protection is a collective group to protect the town/city of fires
- Ambulances are a collective that is prepared to arrive as fast as they can
- Insurance - Life, Health and other are collectives to protect the assets of the policy holder

Which of this would you get rid of first?

Response: Let me see, how about God for a starter. How about Free Enterprise and the ability to make your own destiny! What about changing your own stars and being what you wan to be and the freedom to do it without gov in your business? How about the ability to think for yourself and to be self-reliant? Do you know what any of those things mean? Do you know what our founding fathers went through when they came here and why they came here? Do you know any of those things really mean to me and to those who feel like I do? You take those examples and call that socialism when in fact, you don't really know what socialism is bec you are too young to know. Those of us who have lived awhile know what socialism is and why it doesn't work for America. You will have a hard time telling us older people who lived through Communism and Socialism that those gov are better. Why does everyone want to come here to America? Could it be the FREE ENTERPRISE system that allows people to change their stars? You will have to figure that out for yourself. Be careful though bec if you lose what we have, you will not see it again if ever.

First they have to separate us from our family and friends and all of those things we believe in, starting with religion, then GOD and morality, then the Constitution. We have seen all of these things happen in the past twenty years, and revved up in the last five years. We have become a lazy people. We don't want to work, we have no allegiance or loyalty, we want others to take care of us instead of being able bodies and caring for ourselves and our families. We don't manufacture much of anything any more. One World Order with the UN dictating the law and enforcing punishment is something you won't like when you are as spoiled as you are as an American.

Response: I know, that is a problem with freedom to choose the wrong things and to be a jerk. That's why the Rep Party is talking about closing down IRS and making taxes simple. Everyone would pay their fair share. IRS is technically illegal.Yep, the libs have perverted American dream and our children don't know what it is any more. I remember it very well and I have started a lot of small bus too. What kind of bus did you have? I'll tell you that the TEA Party people are not going away. They are going to hold Congress accountable. I have been very vocal with my reps here in Texas, but I get ignored most of the time. At least I am a pain in the butt with them. Kay Hutchinson is a trooper and always answers me emails or letters. The others need to go though.

Response: And why is it complicated now? It didn't used to be that way. I learned today that a person advertised in a church bulletin board for a Christian roommate and now she is being sued for some ridiculous new law. She can't say Christian on a church bullitin board. It is the stink'n libs who have changed America. If you want to help us fix America I would welcome it. Don't go someplace else, especially Thailand. There has been a lot of rioting and the gov has enacted martial law. That was less than a year ago. America really is the land of milk and honey.

Response: I agree. We need a smaller government. Get rid of all the republicans. They're useless anyway.

Response: Sorry dear but your comment is a contradiction in terms. Rep want smaller gov and Dems want massive gov and gov control. I think you are a victim of Dem brainwashing to think Rep are the rich and have nothing to contribute to society except greed. But think about it. Where does your job come from? Where does your food come from? Who builds your home and provides all of the furnishings and yard stuff? Who provides your air conditioning and heating? Who do you think plants your food and takes it to market? Who do you think sells you the food, clothing, shoes, and video games you like to play? Who invented the computer and all of the fun video games you play? Who built your car and invented the robots to make manufacturing more effective? All of these things came into being because somebody thought of the idea, invested money into his/her dream, and brought it to fruition bec of our free enterprise system. GOVERNMENT HAD ABSOLUTELY NOTHING TO DO WITH CREATING THAT JOB, THINKING UP THE IDEA, OR PUT IN THE BLOOD SWEAT AND TEARS TO BRING IT TO A SUCCESS FOR YOU TO BUY IT. Without Rep helping bus you would have nothing to eat, wear, play with, or stay warm with. It's the bus and the Rep values that make bus prosper. Dem don't want you to be self-reliant. They don't want you to have the ability to fulfill a dream. They want you dependent on them. That's called codependency and it's a mental illness. When gov makes people dependent they are contributing to you inability to think for yourself and to do things for yourself. They make you think you are stuck in your situation and can never escape it without the assistance. Look at how this nation was founded. No one gave them a job or gov assistance. Life was hard aqnd sometimes bus failed, burned down, was attacked by Indians or evil men, or ruined bec of mother nature. But they rebuilt and carried on without crying to gov for their entitlement. Do you see the difference? I suggest you spend some time on Google search and find out this stuff for yourself.

Yes, but you have to back up to before then fell to answer that question. Don't take my word for it. Look it up for yourself. Here is a Google Search Link. Fall of Communism In Russia. And what about Greece, Italy, Spain, Venezuela, Korea? Google Search for China and Communism. Here is a Google Search Link for Riots in China. How about all the youth who were shot and killed in Tiananmen Square? I like this report the best. NY Times. That should give you some things to look up. I hope you will instead of just taking the Liars word for it.

Response: Fantastic! I hope people see and understand! Please everyone support the Operation Black Storm candidates. They are the black conservative candidates running for office this year and Obama and his cronies have been particularly hard on them! Check out Alan Keyes Patriot PAC for more information.

Response: Alan Keys is the one who Obama ran against to become Senator. He is full of dirty tricks that started back with Keys. Ask him. I remember getting an email from him through Conservative alert about how Obama dumped two feet of manure on the computers and desks in his campaign office just two weeks before the elections. Of course that trick shut him down. I remember that well, and it shows how low Obama can go to win.

Response: This video was from 1980's

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