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Sunday, October 24, 2010

Is This The New Direction You Expected?

VIDEO: Angle's new ad

Is this the type of change Obama and his devout followers expected? I think not! I heard to day that unemployment in Nevada is 22%. I know I heard that right because my husband repeated it back as a question. 22% Unemployment? I heard on the radio two days ago that 75% of home mortgages are upside down in Nevada.

Reid has to go. Please people, don't send that corrupt man back to Congress He is NOT good for America. This comment is NOT a Democrat thing, I would say the same thing if he were Conservative, it's a fact that the man is corrupt and his days need to be done. He has been in Congress long enough.

Harry has devoted many years to serving in Congress and I applaud that dedication, but now is the right time for him to leave. He has done a lot of good things for his constituents, and some bad things as well. If he leaves now, he can accept that it all even's out. If he waits and things get worse, which it is bound to, then he will take the blame.

Tell Harry Reid that you appreciate his dedication but it's time to leave Congress. A new dawn is rising and it's about CHANGE alright. It's about Cleaning up Congress by getting rid of the "good ol' guys" and their wheeling and dealing and put in the new guys who are convinced they can do the job right. Let's give them a chance. If they can't, we fire them.

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