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Sunday, October 24, 2010

Will You Let Them DO This?

Newest dirty tricks the Democrats are playing to win the elections. They have nothing to run on in the elections so the new tactic is to discredit the third party (TEA Party Candidates running as Republican.

As if it's not enough to tell out right, bald-face lies about Karl Rove, Ed Gillespie, and the Chamber of Commerce, where there is absolutely no proof of being true by every reporting agency, and then the added a second one which the left media is running as if true but is a LIE, they added smearing the TEA Party candidates,

Today, it is also reported their underhanded attempt to tilt the elections their way by paying fo rads of third party candidates that have no chance of winning in order to split the ticket for Republicans. As in the race with Harry Reid, the one candidate has only 2% support but that will be enough to tilt the elections toward Reid.

So this is the way Americans see this nasty party of dirty tricks is as follows:
1.  They shove their agenda down the throats of Americans that they don't want.
2.  They are trying to make it legal (just mentioned in the news a few hours ago) for illegals to vote who have been in the United States for awhile.
3.  They have illegals going to neighborhoods in areas where they can persuade people to vote Democrat.
4.  They bused 18 year old High Schoolers to a voting board, give them a ballot of ONLY Democrats and told them to vote, and then took them out to have ice cream. This they will get away with, even though it is illegal for them to take a child to a voting board. But they don't care because their votes will already been made.
5.  They lie through their teeth about Prominent Republicans and Chamber of Commerce.
6.  The soldiers ballots have not reached them in 35 counties in Indiana, and likely others, so those votes won't be counted. An extension was granted, but for only one day. Like that is really going to do anything. You know Presidents can make this happen with one stroke of a pen but he won't. Why? I remember the same thing happened in the 2004 elections.

Are you going to vote for any of these slime-balls? If you want to clean up Congress, you start here.

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